Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fundamentals of Logo Design

Fundamentals of Logo Design

A Logo symbolizes your company and provides an image nothing else can provide.

It is one of the many important yet missed elements for many businesses. The shape of the logo either has to correlate with the name or be relevant to your business so that it sticks out and people will remember it.

Color also plays an important role, catching the eyes of viewer. The color has to be catchy and can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

A logo can has to be automatically recognizable, clever and bold. Below are some of my favorite logos and why.

Most people will recognize the logo, but how many people see the subliminal arrow showing movement?
Tony's organic food logo design by Damian Dominguez, good use of colors and automatically recognizable idea.
There are reason's why these companies are still around, a clever logo shows that a company is clever, astute and makes customers more aware of them. The main goal of a logo should be to make the customer remember the logo and the company, and that is why it is such an important part of any business decision.

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